Winner of the International Crime Short Story Competion "Atanas Mandadjiev"

the congres of "The International Association of Crime-Writers"
at Daun (Germany)
Saturday 20 September 2003

Bob Mendes the winner of the International Crime Short Story Competion "Atanas Mandadjiev"
De minister wordt ingeleid The Minister of Cultural Affairs of Rheinland Pfalz is being introduced.
rheinland_pfalz_07_kl.jpg - 3855 Bytes Crime-Writers are listening with great expectations.
rheinland_pfalz_08_kl.jpg - 3804 Bytes The Minister makes her speach.
rheinland_pfalz_02_kl.jpg - 3540 Bytes Handshake and applaus for the winner
rheinland_pfalz_03_kl.jpg - 3416 Bytes Expression of thanks.
rheinland_pfalz_05_kl.jpg - 3819 Bytes A beamy Bob Mendes between jury members vice-president Eastern Europe Ir.Emanuel Ikonomov en dr. Sletoslav Slavchech

rheinland_pfalz_01_kl.jpg - 3819 Bytes

Jenny, the ideal companion for a writer keeps a low profile



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