Biographical Background


Bob Mendes
Name: David Mendes
Profession Author
Home town Schoten
Date of birth May 15, 1928
1. Career as accountant (CPA) Bob Mendes graduated in accountancy, fiscal duties and business administration at the age of 24.
After a career as member of the National College of Accountants of Belgium, he practised as a chartered accountant under the rules of the Institute of Accountants and of the Association of Incometax Consultants of Belgium.
As such he was a senior-partner and a manager of an Association of Accountants and acted as an audit-officer for several important Belgian and multinational corpo-rations.
At present he is honorary member of the above-mentionned Institutes.
2. Sports: From 1963 to 1974, Bob Mendes was the president of Antwerpse Basketbal Club, at the time the leading Belgian Basketball team, and won with his team several cups and national championships.
Bob Mendes practised several sports. In 1989 he won the Dutch Writers Tennis Tournament in Dordrecht (Holland). For a few years he's been playing a lot of golf.
3. Literary career In 1984, Bob Mendes started his literary career with the publication of a collection of poems Met rook geschreven (Written with smoke), followed by Alfa en Omega (Alpha and Omega). His breakthrought as a novelist came in 1988 with Een dag van schaamte (A day of shame), a faction-thriller concerning the Heysel disaster (European Soccer Cup game between Juventus and Liverpool). Since then he has published seventeen thrillers, two play's and dozens of short stories. Several of his books and short stories are published in the United States of America, Germany, France and several European countries. Recently a Dutch film company acquired the rights to film his magnum opus “The Power of Fire”, a powerfull story set against the explosive background of the Middle East and the film company RocketCom will start recording in 2008 his war novel "Taste of Freedom".
In 2006 Henri-Floris Jespers, an welknown academicus and literary man considered to be the foremost Belgian essayist, published at Standaard Uitgeverij an essay about his oeuvre entitled: Bob Mendes, Meester in Misdaad (Bob Mendes, a Master in Crime).
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