Reviews of The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire:

Het Nieuwsblad: "Bob Mendes at the summit of Dutch crime literature... his masterpiece... his best, most ambitious thriller yet."
Het Laatste Nieuws:

"The most perfect and perfectly exciting political suspense novel ever written in the Dutch language. Bob Mendes stands comparison with foreign grandmasters such as Frederick Forsyth...."
De Volkskrant: "... A novel of adventure, la Forsyth, broad and ambitious in scope (...) at times it reminds one of Leon Uris' Exodus, with a hefty dose of history and politics, lots of suspense and strikingly well-written, right up to the last page."
Stem van Brabant: "Mendes outdoes himself... with a worthy apotheosis at the end... echoes of the internationally acclaimed Brides of Blood by Joseph Koenig. Well-documented, a magnificent depiction of Razdi's descent into madness."
Haagsche Courant: "An exciting book, the likes of which we have seen till now only from authors writing in English. A novelty for a writer working in Dutch... stands comparison with the major British and American writers. An exciting book of the kind we thought only Ludlum and Clavell could write.... Mendes can join their ranks." - De Haagsche Courant
Noordholland Dagblad: "This is realistic fantasy, as well as fantastic reality."
Evaluation report Dutch libraries: "An exceptionally well-written and ambitious novel in which the author spreads the tension throughout the book with a craftsman's skill and always leaves room for doubt. The main characters are clearly depicted, and corruption, disorder and Khomeini's rise to power convincingly elaborated. The writer has performed impressive research in the field of politics and social history, as well as Zoroastrianism. A thriller in the grand manner, putting Mendes in a class with Clancy, Forsyth and other great writers."
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