The Power of Blood

De Kracht van het BloedA compelling epic about two families forced to share each other’s fate, even though they are archenemies: a thrilling, tragic novel full of historical facts.

Cyrus Razdi, son of the powerful chancellor Darius Razdi (The Power of Fire) and filthy rich, is a ruthless and extremely dangerous tyrant who is only interested in power. He chooses the side of the fundamentalist regime in the riotous Iraq, even though he doesn’t believe in the moral supremacy of the Islam. He wants to use terrorism to achieve his ultimate goal: to establish a worldwide Islam hegemony based on the capital of the Razdi Foundations. Financially, he’s doing well: Cyrus is on his way to become one of the richest men on earth. But before he can pass on his legacy to his offspring, he has to father a son and he doesn’t shun violence nor blackmail to succeed.
The half brothers Simon and Cyrus playing cat and mouse, and their battle for Nina are described as oppressive as the financial malversation of Cyrus and his attempts to strike the West with his ideology of Religion, Riches and Ruffianism in its dependence on oil.

Bob Mendes ( and is known for his thrilling, realistic novels. He is unquestionably the master of faction in the Dutchspeaking region. In 1993 he was awarded The Golden Noose (De Gouden Strop, an important Dutch literary award for the best thriller of the year) for Vengeance. Four years later, in 1997, he won the prize again, this time for The Power of Fire. In 2004 he received The Diamond Bullet (De Diamanten Kogel, the award for the best thriller of the past year originally written in Dutch) for the novel Accessory. Mendes’ work has been translated internationally.

The media about Accessory:

‘The novel has a strong plot and is truly thrilling.’ --– De Standaard

‘A meticulous research, a sophisticated plot and the fact that Mendes doesn’t shun ventilating his own view on controversial issues, give his latest novel its own look.’
– Gazet van Antwerpen

‘The master of Flemish faction is more than anybody else capable to weave current issues through a story that reads like a criminally wild running Lamborghini.
[…] reading pleasure in a way we haven’t been able to experience for a while.’

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