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Crime Stories In 2001 the short story Noble Causes by Bob Mendes was selected between countles submissions from around the world by editor Ed Gorman for his second annual collection of The World's Finest Mystery & Crime Stories . (A Forge Books published by Tom Doherty Associates Book - New York).

In 1999 the short story Tooth Marks by Bob Mendes was selected by Martin Cruz Smith, author of Gorki Park and Red Square, for his anthology Death by Espionage , together with stories of famous authors as Michael Collins, Josť Latour and Janwillem Van De Wetering. (published by Cumberland House).

His award-winning thriller Vengeance , Prelude to Saddam's War, (The Golden Noose 1993) was published in 1995 by Intercontinental Publishing.
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Vengeance Vengeance
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