Bob Mendes Overspel


Overspel (Adultery)
Thomas Leerdam’s wife was to blame for his misfortune: from manager of a five star hotel he has fallen down to underpaid receptionist in a motel. Sometimes he was so sick and tired of the secret stuff that was going on and the adultery atmosphere, that the only way out seemed to be winning the lottery. One day he found a suitcase, left behind in a hotel room by a rich businessman, and thought he had hit the jackpot. But before he could cash in his reward, fate struck again: he was accused of acts of indecency and was sent to prison. When he was released, he was really down and out. His only ray of hope was the illegal Katja, who gave him shelter.

Luckily he had made copies of the documents in the suitcase, documents that proved that two leading figures – with the pseudonyms Noa and Holy – had worked out an ingenious system to plunder the treasury. In the meantime he had learned that honesty doesn’t pay. Noa and Holy would have to pay for the injustice that was done to him and Katja. But because of that he found himself in a conflict with the most powerful industry ever: the drug industry. It was not a matter of blackmailing anymore, it was now a matter of life and death.

A terrifying and foretelling story, in which poor souls have to fight against rich swindlers with the medical science on their side.

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